What to Wear for your Engagement Photo Session

Engaged couple embraces in a tight hug while outdoors in the Smoky Weddings. What to wear for your engagement shoot.

Deciding what to wear for your engagement photographs can seem like the most stressful part, but no need to panic — I’m here to give you my best photoshoot outfit tips to creating a stunning outfit combo that will photograph beautifully!

Your outfit should overall be a reflection of you; however, certain colors, textures, and styles will translate better on camera.

Outfit Tips (FOR HER)

1)You’ll be admiring these photos for YEARS to come, so aim for a look that can stand the test of time.

2) The last thing we want to do is distract from your beautiful face, so opt for neutral, earthy, or pastel colors and avoid busy/intense patterns!

3) Movement creates drama in our photos — chose clothes with movement/layers to add interest. Skirts, dresses, decorative sleeves, etc. are just a few great options

(P.S. if your matching shoes are a bit hard to move around in, feel feel to bring a flat soled pair so we can 

get to locations easier)

4) Certain fabrics catch the light in very unique ways and can add an extra dynamic to our images. Some fun fabrics to look for are velvet, satin/silk, chunky wool sweaters, denim, etc.

5) Incorporate accessories for added interest — jewelry, a hat, scarf, etc. can really go a long way and add an extra flare.

Outfit Tips (FOR HIM)

1) Multiple layers instantly make an outfit more fashionable. A t-shirt can be

too casual sometimes, but add a nice leather or jean jacket and it’s a

home run.

2) Avoid baggy jeans, unfitted shirts, polos, running shoes, or graphic tshirts.

3) Go for fitted clothing and choose muted colors.

Earth tones, blacks, whites, and pastels are all great.

3)A nice watch, hat, necklace, or ring goes a LONG way. (and by hat I don’t

mean baseball cap…. unless it’s something you can’t live without)

4) Cut your hair if you wish, but do it at LEAST 3-4 days in advance, so the

hair has time to blend a bit.

If you’re wanting some additional inspo for creating an outfit, feel free to check out this Pinterest board I created that’s filled with even more ideas.

And that’s all there is too it!

My biggest photoshoot outfit tip is that you can never go wrong with going back to the basics.

Now that we’ve got your outfit picked, it’s time to start thinking about WHERE we’re going to document your love story. Check out this blog post on how to choose your photoshoot location!

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