Exploring the world and documenting love stories is what makes me feel most alive. Creating thoughtful and effortlessly chic imagery that showcases the everlasting connection between you and your person fuels my soul. I live for meaningful connection and honest intimacy. 

Let’s get to know each other, and create a better story... together.  
I’ll go first. 

Hello, I'm Sarah!  So great to meet you!

It's not just photos, it's Your history in the making.
It's evidence that you lived and loved... because your love story is worth remembering. 

It begins with you, your soulmate, and your unique love story. 

Megan & Chris

“Sarah went above and beyond what we expected out of a wedding photographer. Planning a destination wedding can be stressful. Sarah was someone we could lean on throughout the entire process. Aside from her beautifully crafted photos, Sarah always made us feel (and look) very comfortable behind the camera. She blended in perfectly on our wedding day and everyone LOVED her. We didn't even know she was in the background some of the time and still wonder how she got some of the shots without us noticing! We will continue to recommend her time and time again. I believe there is no one out there who offers everything she does! Her photographs and the entire experience were truly a treat and more than we could have wanted.”

“I believe there is no one out there who offers everything she does!”

Megan & Tyler

“I can't even begin to describe how amazing she is at her job. She is so talented and her professionalism and personality is just an added bonus. She creates magic anywhere she points her camera. Thank you, thank you thank you for a beautiful night! We are so beyond grateful to have had her shoot our wedding. She was our dream photographer & so much fun to work with! It should be criminal to be so talented and so fun to work with!”

“It should be Criminal to be so talented and fun to work with!”

Karenza & Kyle

"Sarah is the most amazing photographer that we have worked with this far. She had our previews to us so quick as well as all the photos shortly there after. I have never felt more beautiful! She made this experience for us so easy. She provided a guide to help us. If you’re considering booking her JUST DO IT!!! You won’t be disappointed!" 

"If you’re considering booking her, JUST DO IT!!!"

Melonie & Erick

"Wow.  Just wow. I am so in love with our photos, Sarah. You made these memories perfect for us. We are so so grateful for you. We love the photos so much. You are seriously the best. Thank you so so much for helping us capture our perfect day. It would have been impossible for the pictures to turn out any better. You went above and beyond!"

"It would have been impossible for the pictures to turn out any better."

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