After finding love in the vibrant streets of San Francisco, Bridget and Tommy couldn’t wait to freeze those memories in their engagement session. Despite it being mid-February, luck was on our side with a sunny, 60-degree day, casting a beautiful light over the entire shoot. Featuring three iconic Bay Area locations—Alamo Square, the Legion of Honor, and the renowned Golden Gate Bridge—each locale had that quintessential San Francisco vibe to honor their beloved city.

Location 1: Alamo Square

Starting off in Alamo Square, where the iconic Painted Ladies—those charming Victorian row homes we all remember from ‘Full House’—welcomed us with open arms. Beyond the nostalgia, the park features lush greenery and expansive spaces, creating a picturesque backdrop against the city skyline. And we made sure to soak up every bit of that stunning view during our shoot!

Candid engagement photoshoot in Alamo Square San Francisco with colorful row homes.
Black and white candid Alamo Square Park San Francisco engagement photo.

Location 2: Legion of Honor

After that, we moved to Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park. The site’s captivating blend of rich history and Greek-inspired architecture truly makes for a breathtaking experience. For those seeking a location with a luxurious European vibe, this is the place! The play of light was here with the soft, golden hues was definitely a highlight of the session.

Romantic fine art Legion of Honor San Francisco engagement session.

Location 3: Golden Gate Bridge

And finally, no San Francisco engagement session would be complete without a visit to the one and only Golden Gate Bridge. With its majestic presence towering over the bay, it’s an absolute must-see. Our last stop at the overlook was the cherry on top of an already perfect day, capturing the essence of San Francisco’s beauty and Bridget and Tommy’s love.  

Documentary style engagement photo at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Candid couple leaning in for a kiss at the Golden Gate Overlook in San Francisco.
Black and white San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge engagement photo.

As you browse Bridget and Tommy’s engagement photos, you’ll note the diversity of the chosen locations. Their thoughtful selection resulted in emotionally charged mementos reflecting both San Francisco’s essence and their unique love story. When planning your own session, follow their lead by picking settings that speak to you, evoke memories, or align with your personal aesthetic. Every picture tells a story – make sure yours is authentic to you!

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