How to get a Tennessee Marriage License

Planning a wedding in Tennessee? You’ll need to apply for a Tennessee Marriage License before you say your “I do’s.” Read along to find out how!

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Aside from the excitement (and, sometimes, the stress) of planning a wedding in Tennessee, the logistics of obtaining a Tennessee marriage license in the Volunteer State is actually fairly easy!

  • Where can I get a Tennessee marriage license?
    • Marriage licenses can be obtained at any county clerk’s office, regardless of the county you live in. In fact, you don’t even have to be a resident of the state to get a license to wed!

  • What should I bring with me?
    • Bring a form of I.D., your social security card, a form of payment, and your lover! Make sure your significant other remembers to bring their forms of identification as well.

  • How much does a Tennessee marriage license cost?
    • Typically around $100. However, if you can show notarized proof of completing a 4-hour marital preparation course within a year of your application, you can save an upwards of $60!

  • How long is the license valid?
    • Once you obtain your marriage license, you have 30 days to wed. There is no waiting period for those who are dying to say “I Do!” ASAP!

  • Who can officiate a wedding?
    • Any preacher, rabbi, religious leader, current or former judges and the county clerk. In the off chance you find yourself standing in front of a mayor, legislator, or the governor, they can officiate as well! Just make sure the license gets returned to the county clerk within 3 days after the marriage ceremony… typically the officiant takes care of that part.

Once the paperwork is completed, the fun can begin! I’m happy to help with the planning process by recommending my favorite vendors and venues…so don’t be shy! I can’t wait to be apart of your journey.

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