Where to next?

Will travel for love.

Picture this -- 14 years old, freshman in high school photo class, and the first time ever holding a camera. I'm instantly hooked! Never letting my young age deter me, I paved my own way and completed my Bachelors of Art in Photography at 19 years old. All the dedication and proactiveness I put towards completing my degree two years early is now fully invested into creating a bespoke photographic experience for you. I've got the energy, and I'm SO ready to show up for you and your love for this once-in-a-life time celebration.
Speed date with me: Plant-based eater. I love to ski.  Acts of service is how I'll show you I love you. Firmly believe in protecting the beauty and health of planet Earth.  The nature of my highly-intuitive and compassionate Cancer zodiac traits is what allows my clients to quickly feel at ease while being photographed by yours truly.  Matcha tea gets me through long travel days. Green is my favorite color. Scotland, Germany, & Italy are at the top of my travel bucket-list.

Raised on the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevadas, The
mountains mean home to me.

But I dreamed of exploring the world, so nowadays You'll find me Creating art anywhere the wind takes me.

Your favorite connoisseur of light based out of Coastal Carolina

Hello, I’m Sarah!

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Your love story is worth remembering.

Harnessing the power of imagery together, I'll preserve your newlywed bliss in an artful photographic form, so you can cherish your wedding memories for generations to come! 

When you book with me, know you're getting more than just an expert photographer. You're getting a master story teller, flower girl wrangler, a support provider, calming presence, timeline organizer, and expert listener plus so much more all in one.

In short, this is going to be the best decision of your entire wedding planning journey.

The best thing about photography is the ability to tell your story without words.

You deserve to have your story documented because the memory will only last so long on its own. 

Life doesn’t slow down for anyone, so let’s capture the moments we can.